A Brief History Of Dispensaries

A Clinic is an outpatient facility where patients are treated for their illnesses, diseases, and infections. Clinics can be found in most hospitals, clinics, hospices, nursing homes, schools, and other such facilities. A Clinic may provide all of the following services: diagnostic, medical exams, basic lab tests, diagnostic surgery, and preventive care. A Clinic may also refer their clients to specialists such as physicians or specialists, depending on the needs and areas of specialty. A clinic has one or more nurses dedicated to providing primary and secondary care to patients who require it.Visit dispensary nearby for more details.

A Marijuana Dispensary is a privately owned and operated establishment in which medical supplies and marijuana are dispensed. A typical dispensary will contain several different rooms and sometimes multiple floors where different vendors can be located. A dispensary is typically set-up like a privately owned storefront business and will generally only contain restrooms, a counter, a cash register, and a selection of various products. In some traditional Dispensaries, a pharmacist usually dispenses medical supplies and marijuana under the direction of a licensed physician.

The Dispensaries regulated by the United States Government are allowed to sell marijuana and cannabis to anyone over the age of eighteen with valid identification. Dispensaries can sell marijuana only to qualified persons. There are currently five recognized Dispensaries throughout the United States. These Dispensaries are Emerald Coast Dispensary, Hawaiian Marijuana Dispensary, Los Angeles County Medical Marijuana Dispensary, New Mexico Medical Marijuana Dispensary, and New York City Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Each of these Dispensaries has imposed their own regulations and policies governing the operation of their respective businesses. Marijuana is only available through approved Dispensaries and may not be sold or provided to persons under the age of eighteen.

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