All About Scottsdale Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery uses breast implants to improve the form and size of a woman’s breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is performed on women for a variety of reasons, including improving body shapes, restoring breast volume after pregnancy, and making their breasts symmetrical. A woman’s bust line can be enlarged by one or more cup sizes with breast augmentation surgery. Get the facts about Scottsdale Breast Augmentation you can try this out.
Breast augmentation surgery is performed at The Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville in Tennessee with saline breast implants, while silicone breast implants are accessible to women participating in specific FDA-approved trials.
Surgery to enlarge the breasts
Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anaesthesia at our cosmetic surgery centre in Nashville, Tennessee. The surgical incision for breast augmentation will be made along the crease on the bottom of the breast or around the areola. The breast augmentation surgeon works through the incision to create a pocket for the breast implant behind the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle.
An hour to two hours is required for breast augmentation surgery. Stitches will be used to close the wounds, although bandages, tape, and gauze may be used to provide support and aid in healing.
Following Breast Augmentation,
The breast augmentation surgeon and our staff at The Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville in Tennessee will keep track of your development after surgery. Drainage tubes may be implanted for many days to eliminate excess fluid. After breast augmentation surgery, you may feel fatigued and painful for a few days, but you should be mobile in one to two days. Within a few days, the gauze and surgical dressing will be removed, and you can switch to a soft cup bra. Any sutures that do not dissolve on their own after seven to ten days will be removed. You may feel a burning feeling in your nipples for the first two weeks. This will fade when the post-surgical bruising fades. With implants placed behind the breast gland, swelling after breast augmentation surgery can last three to five weeks. Swelling may last three to five months after a breast augmentation procedure in which the implants are put beneath the muscle.

Depending on the amount of activity required by their profession, most patients return to work a few days following breast augmentation surgery. Your breasts will be quite sensitive to direct stimulation for the first two to three weeks. Breast contact should be ok if your breasts are no longer painful after three to four weeks. For at least two weeks after breast augmentation surgery, no heavy lifting, pushing, or tugging with the upper body is recommended. For the first two weeks, we recommend avoiding any activity that raises your heart rate or blood pressure. The surgical scars will seem pink and hard for six weeks after breast augmentation surgery. For several months, the surgical scars may appear to enlarge or remain the same size.