Clear Aligners: Help Correct Crowding & Gum Disease

Clear aligners are clear, plastic braces that are used to straighten teeth without affecting the underlying bone. The clear aligners are not considered as an alternative to braces but as a complement to them. In order to get the best result out of the clear braces, it is important to follow all the dentist’s instructions regarding the usage, maintenance and storage of the braces. These aligners help in straightening teeth by creating a space between the front teeth and the back teeth. The space created prevents the tongue from rubbing on the teeth.Find additional information at Wichita clear aligners.

Aligners help correct crowded or crooked teeth, which can lead to several other dental issues such as crowding, gum disease, jaw disorders, misalignment of teeth, breathing difficulties and headaches. The clear aligners can also help to reduce the occurrence of crowding in children’s mouths since it helps to open the spaces between the teeth. This helps children in maintaining proper oral hygiene and avoiding several dental diseases such as crowding, gum disease, jaw disorders, and breathing difficulties.

Worn with traditional braces, the clear aligners can be worn at night while sleeping. It is advisable to use these aligners for at least 6 months which is more than half a year when compared with the time required for wearing traditional braces. The reason why people opt for this type of braces is because it is easy to wear, it looks like normal braces and they do not cause any discomfort to the wearer. They do not stay on the teeth overnight but dissolve into the saliva and gradually wash away with the urine. A good condition of the bones around the teeth is maintained thereby reducing the chances of developing osteoporosis.

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