Concrete Lifting Consoles

If you want a quick and easy solution to the sunken concrete slabs in your garage or anywhere else in your home, then Concrete Lifting is what you are looking for! The concrete lifting process has become a recognized alternative repair method for sunken and tilted concrete slabs not only because it is cost-efficient but also because it doesn’t require so much time to get a certain project done. You may want to check out Concrete Lifting for more. Contrary to the traditional methods, once the process is finished, you will then have an immediate access to the repaired area thereby not causing any inconvenience and delay to the things that you need to do on that particular zone.

So what really is concrete lifting? It is actually the process of elevating the submerged slabs back to their original height and state. Concrete per se is a solid construction material, but why do concrete slabs settle down? There are many factors that lead to sunken and tilted slabs and the most common is the improper compaction of the soil which is the very basic foundation of a concrete structure. This factor is a by-product of poor workmanship and lack of skills. That means, no matter how simple the concept of lifting the slabs may sound, nonetheless it requires professional expertise to ensure timeliness and quality of work.

Now let’s talk about how concrete lifting works. Here’s a summary of how the process goes.
1. Drilling of Holes. The Holes where the grout or polyurethane compound will be pumped in are drilled strategically to ensure accuracy.
2. Pumping of grout or polyurethane compound. By means of hydraulic force the grout or polyurethane compound will be pumped in to the holes.
3. Raising of the slabs. After a few moments, the slab will start to elevate as the spaces beneath the slabs are filled in.