Details About Accident and Injury Care, Chiropractic and Massage

And there was a ninth chapter on pregnancy and martial arts added before the conclusion of the second edition. I’m a firm believer in learning about injury care and prevention from instructors and coaches, and this book provides a good start. A few of the chapters do not provide almost as much as other resources on the book shelf of many martial artists, especially on stretching, probably already.Feel free to find more information at Accident and Injury Care, Chiropractic and Massage.

Nevertheless, the chapters on taping and injuries need to be read and not found in many other sources. While I think the book could have gone a little deeper, I still think it’s a very good resource and recommend it to all martial artists, coaching or instructing them in particular.Burrese’s Alain, J.D. He is an expert in performance and personal development who teaches how to live, take action, and get things done through the Edge of the Warrior. With his education in business, law, and conflict resolution, Alain combines his military, martial arts, and Asian experiences into a powerful way of living with balance, honour, and integrity.

He teaches how to use the Edge of the Warrior to take action and achieve outstanding results. Alain is the author of The School Of Hard Knocks’ Hard-Won Wisdom, the Hapkido Hoskinson DVDs, Street fighting Essentials, Hapkido Cane, the series of Lock On Joint Locking, and numerous articles and reviews. The fact that winter weather brings with it the risk of falls is important to be aware of. By falling on ice, individuals can injure their hips and backs. Injuries vary from pulled muscles to structural issues such as herniated discs and misplacement of the joint. Learn how to care for injuries associated with falling and how to prevent them in the future.You just slipped on the ice and you’re experiencing sudden muscle pain.