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Find Classes in the United States and Canada for Acupressure. Both potential students and massage therapists will find that it can be beneficial to enrol in acupressure classes for the professional and personal aspects of their lives. In one of several Oriental medicine schools or massage therapy schools, acupressure classes taught parallel acupuncture training in that acupressure is based closely on acupuncture’s healing principles.Learn more about them at White Plains acupressure.

Acupressure classes, as an Oriental healing art, train students at a variety of levels of education and hands-on instruction. Candidates participating in acupressure classes will learn how to use techniques specific to acupressure to apply a full body massage. In addition to learning how to map meridians in the human body, students in acupressure classes will gain insight into how energy flow in these meridians can influence and therefore be treated through hand and finger depressions by facilitating different acupressure points.

Acupressure classes, commonly associated with acupuncture, differ in that acupuncture courses teach students how to use needles in treatment, while acupressure classes are designed to teach students how to use the same pressure points in non-invasive touch patterns. In many cases, through the Five Elements’ healing philosophies, students enrolled in acupressure classes will learn the Oriental approach to the treatment and prevention of diseases.Although each school varies in the curriculum of the course, acupressure classes can result in certification.

In addition, students participating in acupressure classes will find that certain training programmes may be short. Refresher, continuing education or introductory acupressure classes, for example, may range from 30 to 200 hours; more in-depth studies, however, may include up to 1,000 hours of class.

Before enrolment, it is important to carefully review course offerings in order to achieve the appropriate training for you.Generally speaking, acupressure classes often provide animal acupressure training, various acupressure massage techniques, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, classroom and clinical training, as well as advanced courses. While this is just a brief overview of what acupressure classes have to offer you, there are many other related studies that commonly accompany this extraordinary therapy.

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