Finding the Best about Oakland DUI Attorney

It’s not something you’ll look back on fondly upon in your personal life if you have to spend time in a jail for, being pulled over by a police officer on suspicion of driving while under the influence. Checkout Oakland DUI Attorney. For this one brief case of driving under the influence, you to charge you with many drunk driving offenses, an extended detention at the police station will happen. Until then, there is just one person there to greet you on the side of the lane, it is only you. You are being prosecuted by the law enforcement authorities, including your every move and your every action is under investigation. A drunk driving allegation is something that is difficult to contend with, and you should immediately seek representation from an experienced drunk driving attorney. The officer was likely to have assigned the duty of assessing if you were intoxicated by administering a Field Sobriety Test If you had agreed to this test, you would have been forced to use a machine to give your blood while you were provided with Breathalyzer and had to blow into it with every calculated breath. As soon as the officer decided that you failed this test, you were immediately taken into custody. Being held responsible for failing a field sobriety test even though you refuse is a substantial possibility for having your driver’s license revoked and license might be taken away from you. The legal system moves at a great speed when you are charged with driving under the influence [i.e. when you are drunk] Furthermore, it is important to know about the rule that if you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), it’s required that you serve 10 days in jail. if you’re facing suspension for any number of days, you are guaranteed 10 days to prepare a proper case before the hearing; 10 days is the deadline for making a case for a temporary driving privilege suspension Failure to meet the deadline would result in an immediate revocation of your license.