How I came to wear a different hat

People wear lots of different types of hats. From simple straw lifeguard hats to sun visors to designer caps for making just the right fashion statement, a hat can tell you a lot about the wearer. If you ask someone about their hat they will usually tell you why they wear it. But, there may be more to it than what they tell you. I believe there are three primary reasons people wear certain hats. It may just be one or some combination of these three: protection, affiliation and style.Do you want to learn more? see post

Hats for Protection

When a person is exposed to the elements (sun, heat, rain and cold) a hat can protect the ears, neck, face and top of the head. Many people are advised by their doctor to wear a Sun Protection Hat. A good hat will protect all of the wearer’s head and sometimes even their shoulders. A wide brim straw hat is the best choice unless plane travel is involved. For travel, a wide brim hat that is crushable is a good alternative.

Hats for Affiliation

People who belong to a specific group, club or team often want their headwear to identify that affiliation. Most team sport hats fit this category. Also other outdoor activities like fishing hats, boating and sailing caps, car related hats, golf and tennis visors and many other activities where you can be identified or classified by your headwear. At indoor fishing shows, it’s not unusual to see someone in waders. People truly like to show their affiliation by the hat or other clothing they wear.

Military Hats

A specialized category within affiliation hats is military style headwear. Ranging from camouflage back flaps to army boonies to the classic captain’s cap. No other style or type shows affiliation to a group more than military hats.

Hats for Style

People like to wear the latest fashion, style or just follow the latest trend. Cadet style hats are a good example. They are distressed (made to look used) and have a small bill. Although they provide minimum protection they are very popular among the fashion conscious. Decorative sun visors are another example of headwear that is more about style than function.

Hats for Multiple Reasons

Sometimes people wear hats for more than one reason. Cowboy style hats offer good protection, can be very fashionable and in most cases represent affiliation as well. Floating hats are another example. Originally designed for boating and use on water, they have become a very popular fashion look. So the next time you wear a hat consider all the reasons or just put it on and let others wonder why.