How to Pick the Right Window Shutters Stafford

Window Shutters have been around for centuries and have always been an important part of the home. There are many different types of shutters available and each one brings a certain beauty to the home. Window shutters are not only a great way to help with the temperature in your home but also offer a decorative touch to the windows. There are several types of shutters available for your windows including: Roman, Venetian, Bahama, roller and many more types. All of these shutters bring a certain charm and beauty to your home. Checkout Window Shutters Stafford.

Roman Window Shutters These are the most popular style of window shutters and were first introduced in ancient Rome. A Roman window shutter typically is a sturdy and durable window covering often consisting of a sturdy frame made up of vertical posts and horizontal rods. The slats in the window shutters can be raised or lowered and can even consist of decorative patterns and louvers. The slats can also be left completely closed so that the window can let in natural light and prevent the need for curtains or drapes.

Venetian Window Shutters These are the most popular window shutters on the market today because of their beauty and simplicity. Unlike Roman style shutters, Venetian shutters are thinner and do not have a thick iron frame. Instead, the slats are evenly spaced out and there are no raised panels to worry about. The slats are actually positioned horizontally which allows them to move up and down to regulate the amount of sunlight that gets through the windows. Some manufacturers create these types of shutters with a slight curvature to help them fit more closely to the windows. This helps give the windows a more uniform look to them.