Leather Vest – Reviews

If you want to make your next motorcycle vest purchase a great one that you will enjoy wearing, you should consider purchasing the Alpinestars Vest with a leather motorcycle cover. This vest has all of the design, you could ask for in a vest, while also providing you with a nice layer of protection from the weather as well. This particular vest has a nice reflective layer, as well as two fully zippered pockets on each side of the vest. These zippered pockets are perfect for storing your motorcycle tools and supplies so they don’t end up in the road and causing you to get stuck.Do you want to learn more? Visit official site

The leather on this particular vest is extremely thick, so much so that it s going to offer you a lot of protection from the weather as well. A vest without so many pockets however is hard to come by, making this particular vest a highly desirable option. Unfortunately, this particular vest runs small, so it may not be the best choice for some riders. The two pocket configuration though is great if you plan on bringing along your cell phone and other items like these with you.

The other big feature of this leather motorcycle vest that many consumers love is the mesh lining that it has. This lining is used along with premium leather in order to make an extremely comfortable vest. The mesh lining also allows air flow to circulate around your body, keeping you completely protected from the hot sun. Another nice feature of the mesh lining is that it also provides ventilation along with letting you feel cool when you wear your vest. This is definitely a very popular feature that many customers appreciate about this particular vest.