Measuring Windows For Vinyl Exterior Shutters

One of the most challenging decisions in the purchasing of vinyl exterior shutters is deciding on a measurement type. A walk or drive around your neighbourhood is the first step in removing your vinyl shutters. The placement of the exterior shutter tops in relation to the top of the window is the first thing to look for. Interested readers can find more information about them at Blinds By Design

Are the external window shutters flush with the top of the trim or are they aligned with the top of the actual window if the area you reside in usually has lap siding (oak or vinyl) and wood or metal trim (e.g. a 1″ x 4″ or a 2″ x 4″) around the window? Look to see if the exterior vinyl shutters are flush with the top of the window if your neighbourhood has a lot of stucco exteriors with no trim. Are the external shutters installed even with the top of the opening or are they lined up with the top of the actual window in a neighbourhood with a lot of brick houses? How are vinyl exterior shutters installed on many old homes (now referred to as heritage homes) that have a 2″ brick-mold that is fairly flush with the siding? Take note of how exterior shutters are usually installed in your neighbourhood in relation to the trim and frame.

Now that we’ve covered the majority of the popular styles of window trim, we’ll look at the bottom of the exterior shutters. Examine if the neighbours’ exterior shutters are mounted all the way to the bottom of the window or whether the exterior vinyl shutters are aligned with the window. If the bottom of the window has a sill, it’s usually safer to leave a 1/4″ to 1/2″ gap between the bottom of the window shutter and the sill. This space is mainly for the vinyl material’s expansion and contraction.

While most information become apparent during your neighbourhood reconnaissance, there are a few finer points to keep in mind. It’s possible that a pair of well-fitting exterior shutters that look “about perfect” were custom designed for that home.

A short aside on the importance of custom-made shutters versus standard-sized shutters, which are relatively inexpensive. The word “custom shutters” refers to vinyl shutters that have a custom height and only come in unique widths (e.g. 5 3/4″, 8″, 9 1/4″, 11″, 12″, 14 1/4″, 16 1/2″, 18″, and so on). Standard shutters are only available in two widths (approximately 12″ and 15″) and heights ranging from 30″ to 80″. You should think about whether standard-size shutters would fit for you, since improperly sized shutters not only look shabby, but they can also detract from the curb appeal (and resale value) of your home. Custom-made vinyl exterior shutters can cost twice as much as regular shutters, but the return on investment is always well worth it, as exterior vinyl shutters are one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can produce. For a small investment, properly installed exterior shutters will make a major difference.