Profiling a Growing Trend: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

There’s a new water activity that’s sweeping the globe. A sport that is easy to learn, enjoyable to participate in, and opens up a universe of activities for those who find most water action sports to be too difficult or demanding. In Hawaiian, it’s known as Hoe he’e nalu, which translates to “stand up paddle boarding.”

Because of its accessibility and teachability, this sport has become a popular alternative to some of the more traditional water sports. A novice can quickly learn to navigate and control their movement while gliding across the water with only a few brief stand up paddle boarding lessons. Furthermore, because large waves are not required for pushing or navigating the ship, it may be easily adapted to a variety of climates and geographies, further driving its burgeoning appeal.Feel free to find more information at Kayak Rentals.

The sport was born out of the convenience of Hawaii’s beaches. During the 1960s surfing craze, surf instructors and tourists required a way to navigate the waves while keeping an eye on their students, photographing competitions, and so on. This sport evolved into a smooth technique of navigating around shorelines as the practise became more refined. Races have helped to popularise stand up paddle boarding as a separate event in recent years.

The equipment used in stand up paddle boarding determines its accessibility. The paddler just stands upright on the board and paddles themselves along the surface of the water with equipment consisting of a hollow made board and a long paddle. Standard surfboards lack balance and durability due to the materials employed in their construction (glass-reinforced plastic, wood, and epoxy resin). The paddle is long enough to provide for smooth passage while remaining light enough to allow for manoeuvrability. Rentals are typically offered from boat accessory companies and services to allow people to participate in the activity without making a large initial commitment.

As this pastime grows in popularity, events are popping up all throughout the country, and even the world. The world’s first stand up paddle boarding World Series was held in O’Ahu last year, with Kai Lenny, a professional water sports athlete, being crowned World Champion. As more individuals become interested in the sport, boat accessory shops around the country are expanding their inventory of paddle board rentals and equipment. At the moment, it’s difficult to find a lake that doesn’t provide stand up paddle boarding training at a reasonable cost to interested students.