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Chronic knee pain is caused by a myriad of reasons. The knees are very complex and undergo such as high level of use that they are one of the most often injured areas of the body. Do you want to learn more? Visit QC Kinetix (Fort Mill) – Fort Mill orthopedic doctor

Because we need our knees to properly walk, chronic knee pain can severely decrease our quality of life. This pain can be caused by several issues including:

• Ligament injuries

• Tendonitis

• Bursitis

• Meniscal tears

• Cartilage injuries

• Osteoarthritis

Below we take a look at the 3 best ways to treat chronic pain in the knee: Non-operative Knee Treatment

Non-operative knee treatment is an excellent way to mitigate and even eliminate chronic knee pain. There are several different treatment modalities, and all of them are less invasive than undergoing knee surgery. Non-operative knee treatment includes:

• Medication – medication including over-the-counter Tylenol, Aleve, Bayer and other pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications care excellent at relieving painful symptoms with very few side effects. Prescription medications are also available, but have serious potential side effects so are not a good long-term solution for chronic knee pain.

• Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation – Physical therapy is an excellent form of treatment used to reduce pain, increase functionality and strength and prevent future injuries. Physical therapy can include active therapy, which includes specific movements and exercises or passive therapy, which can include electrical stimulation and/or massage.

• Knee Injections – injections are often used to reduce inflammation and pain as a result of degenerative arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Knee injections of cortisone can reduce discomfort for up to months at a time. In addition, research has shown hyaluronic acid may be beneficial for younger patients as it has been proven to stimulate cartilage growth.

Surgical Interventions In some cases it is not necessary to undergo knee surgery for chronic knee pain. But it can often be the best alternative, especially if other forms on non-invasive methods have produced little to no results. There are different types of surgery depending on the reason for knee pain. Surgery types include:

• Arthroscopic Knee Surgery – this outpatient surgery has proven to be successful in the treatment of ligament tears.

• Knee Replacement – knee replacement surgery is an effective treatment option designed to improve quality of life. It is not recommended for people under the age of 65, it does have a success rate of over ninety-percent for those who undergo the surgery. The surgery lasts for approximately 15 years, which is why it is not recommended for people under 65.