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The most effective approach for organisations to prosper is through content marketing via blogs. Personal blogs, on the other hand, have a short lifespan. Those that chronicled a certain life arc, such as divorce or relationship guidance, came to a natural conclusion. Reality sets in as children become older, women remarry, and privacy becomes more vital. Business blogs, on the other hand, discover innovative ways to keep going. Interested readers can find more information about them at official site

With the rise in popularity of business blogs, all entrepreneurs should consider starting a blog. It’s an excellent approach for potential customers to learn more about the company while also allowing the company to conduct content marketing at a low cost. It also facilitates effective inbound marketing. According to studies, 60% of firms increase their consumer base through blogging. Unfortunately, personal blogs are unlikely to be revived. They’ve made it through the pluton.

It’s difficult to assess the state of corporate blogging. Because of the exponentially rapid expansion of the blog as a medium, statistics are conflicting and change virtually daily (not to mention its newness).

According to a recent Pew Internet Survey, the number of firms adopting blogs is somewhere about 7%. (a research poll conducted by American Express last month suggested a similar percentage). Meanwhile, according to a Guidewire Group research, 89 percent of businesses are blogging currently or plan to do so in the near future. Despite these widely disparate estimates, one thing is certain: corporate blogging is on the rise. The tempo appears to be the crux of the disagreement.

There are around 175,000 blogs established every day (or two per second), but don’t be alarmed by that number: the business share is a drop in the bucket. According to experts, there are roughly 5,000 active business blogs in the United States today, with half of them being less than a year old and only 10% older than three years.