The Versatility of Plantation Shutters

Have you been considering new ways to re-create the decorative appeal of your home? If this is the case, plantation shutters are a good option to consider. These shutters have long been a treasured favourite of homeowners everywhere, though they are most common in their region of origin, the South. Prior to the invention of modern conveniences such as air conditioning, people had to rely on outside air flow to keep their homes cool. Plantation shutters provided the ideal solution due to their ability to keep homes cool while still providing aesthetic appeal. Feel free to find more information at Southern Custom Shutters (Pittsburgh) – Pittsburgh vinyl plantation shutters

The Many Benefits of Plantation Shutters

The wide-louvered design of plantation shutters provided an ideal solution to the summer sun, but they are now mostly purchased for their aesthetic appeal. This is not to suggest they aren’t useful window coverings; on the contrary, they have a plethora of advantages. Aside from being energy efficient (plantation shutters can be custom designed to suit any window size and shape), the wider base gives users greater control over air flow and sunlight than most window treatments.

Interior plantation shutters are also more effective at changing the mood and comfort level of individual rooms, which is beneficial since not every room in your home is the same. You can easily change the shutters to match the space if you want more air flow to cool your kitchen or choose a low-lit bedroom that faces the east in the morning.

Other Ingenious Applications

The feature that most distinguishes plantation shutters is their ability to be used in a variety of other applications. They can be mounted in closet doors, for example, to precisely match the surrounding points of interest, such as the room’s windows and entry door. Although it is generally not a good idea to have too much of something in your home, these shutters are an exception. In reality, integrating them into your closet space is widely considered a designer must, particularly when you want to keep the internal contents hidden from view.