What does Roof Maintenance Include?-An Overview

As winter arrives, it’s important to perform cold weather roof maintenance to avoid expensive problems and repairs. The following pointers will assist you in ensuring that your roof is stable and safe:

Examining The Roof

It’s a good idea to inspect your roof before the cold weather hits, and since the shingles are the most critical line of protection against damage, look for cracks or breaks first. Examine your chimneys, flashing, and other vents and fixtures for any accumulated debris or algae that may weaken your roof shingles. What does Roof Maintenance Include?

Keeping Gutters Clean

The shingles direct water down your gutters, making gutters one of the most essential parts of your home. By keeping gutters clean and unblocked, you will avoid water damage to your home and even flooding. During colder weather, water will freeze in your gutters, preventing water from flowing off the roof. Water on your roof will then freeze, causing costly damage to your roof and house structure.

Trimming and Paring

During the fall, trees will shed limbs as well as leaves, and tree limbs falling on roofs are the most common cause of roof damage. During the winter months, high winds will make it much more likely that your roof will be damaged by falling tree branches. One way to avoid this potentially costly damage is to ensure that you inspect the trees and bushes around your home on a regular basis, especially those that hang over the roof. If you see any limbs or branches hanging directly over your roof, you can remove them; however, unless you have the necessary expertise and equipment, it is strongly advised that you hire a professional company to do so. They will be able to cut only those branches that are dead or dying and pose a danger to your roof and house.

You may be accustomed to cleaning the inside of your home in the spring, and it is a good habit to establish to clean the exterior of your home, especially the roof, in the fall. By performing simple cold weather roof maintenance, such as removing dead tree limbs, cleaning out rain spouts and gutters, and inspecting your roof for any noticeable damage, you can keep your home secure and dry while still maintaining its value.