When flying, take precautions to protect your health.

Flying is one of my least favourite activities, and I find it extremely uncomfortable because I’m short and the seats are designed for larger people. Jet lag, common colds, respiratory infections, achy knees, and even pulmonary problems are all common ailments associated with flight. Here are a few simple steps you can take to help prevent these problems:
If you suffer from Jet Lag when flying, consider taking Melatonin, a natural supplement. After you arrive, melatonin will assist you in resetting your biological clock (always check with your physician). Each night, take 1 to 3 mg before your new bedtime. Adjustment should take no more than two days in most cases.For further information regarding this,more info here.
Most people catch a cold while flying because the air is re-circulated, allowing airborne germs to enter the bloodstream. To make matters worse, the humidity level on an aeroplane is usually around 10% or lower. This level of humidity is ideal for viruses and bacteria to adhere to the mucous membranes that line your nose and mouth. Here’s something simple you can do to reduce your risk of illness: Take an Echinacea supplement with two grammes of vitamin C the day before your flight, as well as the day before and after your flight. Drink plenty of water to keep your membranes hydrated and reduce the chances of anything sticking to them.
Bring a thin blanket and a u-shaped pillow with you to reduce neck and back pain. The u-shaped pillow will do the trick for your neck if you roll the blanket and put it behind your back. And, as always, stay hydrated to keep joint aches and pains at bay.
Even if you don’t have a history of pulmonary problems, sitting for long periods of time on a plane increases the risk of embolisms, a potentially fatal condition in which a blood clot occurs in your leg. Every blood clot in your body has the potential to migrate directly to your lungs, cutting off oxygen supply. Take occasional walks to keep the blood flowing and not pooling in one place on long flights to prevent this potential problem. If you are unable to get up and walk, you can stay in shape by doing leg lifts while seated.
Anxiety and tension may also be high before, during, and after your trip to your destination. There are unique crystals that any traveller should bring with them to calm their nerves, shield them from harmful energies, or simply serve as a concentration piece to keep their minds off of the things that can stress us out. See below for some crystals that can assist with travel problems and how you can use them as focal points to keep your journey optimistic.
Malachite is said to be a traveler’s protector stone. It’s a stone of transition and change, which can help with jet lag. This crystal aids in the transition from one energetic state to another. This crystal also serves as a safeguard against accidents and physical harm. Even simply holding a Malachite crystal will help you relax.
Black Tourmaline will also help to prevent jet lag and time dizziness. Place a black tourmaline under your pillow if you’re taking a red-eye flight to facilitate restful sleep. Black Tourmaline will also shield you from the harmful radiation emitted by airport x-ray machines.
Hematite is a grounding crystal that can also help to promote concentration and concentrate, which can be beneficial in a crisis. Hematite has a wide range of applications: It’s a “stone for the spirit” and it also helps strengthen blood flow, which makes it ideal for travel. Hematite may be used as a worry stone or to avoid leg cramps when flying.