All about Advanced Bio Treatment

Advanced Bio Treatment is a national bio hazard response and remediation firm operating in almost all the fifty states in the U.S. The firm hires a myriad of cleanup crews specialized in crime scene cleanups. The companies’ bio-hazardous materials removal teams are specially trained in hazardous waste treatment. The firm also hires a control department for day-to-day management of company assets, overseeing all company bio safety management programs.

One of the most profitable and fastest growing industries in the U.S. is bio-hazardous material removal and waste control. Many companies have begun to incorporate crime scene cleaners into their business plans in response to the rising demand for bio-safety management services. In fact, many companies with bio-safety management departments contract with companies offering crime scene cleaner services to perform cleanup services on their behalf. These companies may provide basic bio safety management services or advanced bio treatment services, depending upon what the client needs.

Some companies offer biohazardous material recovery services, which include collecting human remains, infectious disease carriers, and biohazards from crime scenes. These services include the transport of these biohazards to a secure location for destruction. Companies that provide these types of services also handle the disposal of all biohazards and other bio hazards resulting from the transportation and/or contamination of such biohazards. Advanced bio treatment services involve removing all traces of hazardous material, securing the site, and then decontaminating the site to make it safe for human habitation. The company’s technicians would utilize advanced equipment and biological safety cabinets to perform this treatment.

Some companies that specialize in crime scene cleanups include Advanced Medical Transfer, Inc. (AMT), and Environmental Control Environmental Services, Inc. (ECOS). AMT has been in the business of providing bio-hazardous material and related services since 1970. ECOS offers mobile and ground care services for businesses and commercial buildings. They use enclosed trailers with climate control, germicidal UV, air purification, and similar technologies to safely transport and treat hazardous substances. The majority of these companies contract their contracted cleanup technicians to be trained by accredited Technical Training Schools.