Brief History of VIN Verification

Fraudsters love cars that are easy to duplicate and it can be very expensive to stop them. That is why many people try to game the system by registering the same car in multiple states. If they have a nice clean record in all the states then they are safe from most types of car ownership fraud but the problem occurs when they have a history of serious accidents or traffic infractions. Car owners can be stuck with the additional bill even if it was unknowingly done by the seller. VIN verification can help prevent these types of problems. Checkout VIN Verification Near Me.

In addition, because many car manufacturers require car owners’ VIN to get approved for a vehicle in the first place, a car owner’s history will play a big role in whether they will be approved or not for the car. The trick is for the owners to make sure their VIN is not intentionally faked to try to avoid paying the appropriate amount of car ownership taxes. The car owners’ current car identification number is required to get approval so owners should not attempt to change it. They can use the VIN number to apply for a new car loan and the company will still verify it.

The verification process is very simple and not very time consuming for a car buyer or seller. The company simply verifies the information by running a Carfax, CarPoint, DMV or NADA. Owners must be prepared to send the Verification Instructions and wait for the company to deliver the “proof of authenticity” card. The card is mailed to the purchaser within a few days. For most sellers the entire process takes less than a week.