Details on Wake up With Puffy Eyes

The skin around your eyes are very sensitive, and can be easily irritated, even with the best of care. One of the results of irritation is puffy eyes, which is something no one wants to see in the mirror. There are a variety of causes of puffy eyes. Some of these causes include:Interested readers can find more information about them at

Fatigue. Lack of sufficient sleep is probably the most well known cause of puffy eyes.

Dehydration. The body stores water to combat dehydration, which can lead to puffy eyes.

Allergies or an allergic reaction. If you have puffy eyes with itching and redness, the cause could be allergies or an allergic reaction, perhaps to make-up.

Diet. If you eat salty foods or drink alcohol before going to bed, you could easily wake up with puffy eyes in the morning.

High blood pressure. Fluids are pushed into the tissue around the eyes because of high blood pressure, which results in puffy eyes.

Aging. As you age, skin begins to lose elasticity, which cases swollen eyes.

Once you determine the cause of the puffiness, it’s easier to come up with solutions for how to get rid of puffy eyes. If you want to know how to get rid of puffy eyes caused by allergies, avoid allergens when possible, and ask your doctor about allergy medications either over-the-counter or prescription to further reduce symptoms due to allergens.

A solution for how to get rid of puffy eyes caused by dehydration is to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water every day. If high blood pressure is causing puffy eyes, you should speak to your doctor about your blood pressure, and the lowering of your blood pressure is how to get rid of puffy eyes caused by high blood pressure.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep consistently. The average adult needs between seven and nine hours each night. You can also sleep with your head elevated for better circulation and prevention of fluid retention. Also, sleeping on your back will keep fluid from collecting around your eyes.

Wear a cold water mask for a few minutes when you wake up in the morning. Applying any cold compress for a few minutes is a good solution for how to get rid of puffy eyes, since the coldness will reduce swelling. Puffy eyes caused by alcohol usually go away by the time your hangover subsides, but for how to get rid of puffy eyes caused by salt you should be aware of your salt intake and reduce it.

Keep your eye creams in the refrigerator, since the eye creams will care for the skin around your eyes, and the chilled creams will reduce swelling. One of these easy solutions may be the answer for how to get rid of puffy eyes. However, if the puffiness of your eyes is severe and persistent, or you notice the swelling spreading to other parts of your body, it’s important to see your doctor, as this may be a symptom of an illness or the side effects of a medication.