Explained about Patriotism as Idolatry

The Patriots offence was rolling, despite the defence continuing to play well and creating a couple misfires. With less than seven minutes left, they worked their way into Jet territory with runs and outside screen passes. Brady usually lights it up at this point in a close game, but after a sack and outstanding coverage forced an incompletion on the next play, they were forced into another fourth-down situation, which they failed to convert.You may want to check out click to view for more.

But the Patriots’ defence stepped up, forcing the Jets to punt the ball back to Brady with over three minutes remaining and a ten-point deficit. To be sure, it’s a difficult chore for most, but how many hearts has Brady ripped out under these circumstances? Even though the Jets’ defence was forced to defend their own 18-yard line, they were able to hold the Patriots to a field goal. With two minutes to go in the game against the Patriots in New England, the Jets got the ball back with a seven-point lead.

The Patriots’ on-side kick, on the other hand, did not go as planned. Antonio Cromartie scooped up the ball after it squirted out of a mass of blue and white jerseys and ran it back to the Patriot 25-yard line, with a five-yard penalty added for an encroachment call on Patriot lineman Dane Fletcher. Green ran it into the end zone two plays later to virtually put the game away. Rex Ryan’s 50-yard run followed, and he didn’t appear to mind that Green was called for excessive celebration, using the ball as a pillow and mockingly napping in the end zone.

The Patriots got closer with a minute-long drive that ended in a touchdown, but the Jets sealed the game with Eric Smith recovering the on-side kick that followed. In the end, Rex Ryan demonstrated that it wasn’t as as personal as he made it out to be, conceding that he thought Baluchi had won the coaching war but crediting his players entirely.