Procurement Considerations For The Global Epoxy Resin Category

Epoxy Resin Supplier Selection is critical for both manufacturers and installers of engineered hardwood flooring products. Procurement of epoxy resin from a qualified supplier is a highly desirable category for many engineered flooring product suppliers to achieve cost savings and achieve solid strategic procurement goals. This Epoxy Procurement Intelligence report is a one-off purchasing guide which puts forward strategic sourcing inputs from leading epoxy resin providers to achieve superior purchasing leverage.Link

Our primary focus is on identifying effective suppliers who are capable of providing low pricing models to our valued customers while maintaining good after sales service and support. The goal of this research is to help supply organizations build their businesses by developing a strong network of global epoxy resin installers and suppliers which can effectively reduce overall spending on labor by improving efficiency at the source. Our core goal is to identify supply organizations that are capable of providing consistent high quality resin products at competitive pricing. To accomplish this, we have developed a rigorous methodology consisting of:

We believe this methodology provides the means to make a decision between two very compelling case studies. In the first case, two globally-recognized epoxy resin manufacturers compete for a contract with the stipulation that each company must meet a minimum of two price points. After evaluating each company’s strengths and weaknesses we arrive at two potential candidates that we believe provide a strong starting point for evaluation in the second case. In this evaluation, we believe that both companies are likely to satisfy the requirement at a relatively low cost; however, to be even more certain, both companies should also be considered in the context of the other company’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on our experience in the epoxy resin procurement industry we believe that this second company will come out a winner due to its greater ability to reach the customer at lower prices while also satisfying the stringent requirements of its competition.