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It’s common to have facial swelling for the first 24 hours after oral surgery, and some swelling may last up to a week. You may want to check out North Richland Hills Orthodontist for more. When the swelling begins to subside, you may experience some bleeding, which is common and may last up to ten days. Using a cold compress on the swollen region the first day after surgery to reduce swelling. Cover ice cubes in a towel or take a bag of frozen vegetables out of the freezer. For the first 24 hours (at least when you’re awake), alternate applying the compress for 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off. Apply a warm compress on the second day to increase blood flow and circulation. This will aid in the reduction of swelling. DO NOT USE HEAT FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS AFTER THE SURGERY AS IT Can EXPAND Swelling.

Perhaps you decided to have oral surgery because you were unhappy with your current oral condition. Many people are like you, people who have had previous accidents and have had to undergo oral surgery as a last resort, or people who were born with oral defects. If you are serious about having oral surgery, you can look for a reputable surgery group that will assist you with your oral needs. Gone are the days when surgeries were only done as a result of poor oral hygiene. The following are some of the explanations that are now considered appropriate:

Crooked Teeth – as a result of wisdom teeth erupting as we transition from adolescence to early adulthood. Though it should usually come out strong and straight, not everyone is so fortunate. Wisdom teeth that emerge crooked and shaky not only look bad, but they also sound bad. That is why those unfortunate individuals would prefer to have their teeth removed through surgery.