Richard M. Weaver Bankruptcy Attorney and Their Role

Bankruptcy attorneys are lawyers who specialize in helping people with their respective bankruptcy cases. They do this by representing people in court as their advocate and they ensure that the creditors get paid and the person is declared bankrupt. A bankruptcy case is filed against a debtor when he or she has fallen into arrears due to non-payment of credit card bills, personal loans, mortgages, and so on. Bankruptcy lawyers are experts at filing the appropriate paperwork to file for bankruptcy. They know which chapter will be filed in court, how it should be structured, how much time will be allotted for the filing, and how to answer questions from the creditors as regards the case. Get the facts about Richard M. Weaver Bankruptcy Attorney you can try this out.
How the process of bankruptcy works? The attorney will first determine if the person needs to declare bankruptcy protection to his or her property and assets because some debts are exempt from it. If not, the case will be presented to a trustee and then to the court in order to start the bankruptcy process. The person will be required to first appear before the court in order to make sure that all the creditors have been paid and other necessary documents have been filed.
After appearing in court and giving statements to the court regarding the case, the bankruptcy attorney will file for the bankruptcy discharge. He or she will also hire a payment mediator to organize the payment plan for the debtor. This is done to ensure that the debtor gets his or her assets distributed among the creditors. The court declares the person as bankrupt. Once the bankruptcy attorney is done with these proceedings, the court officially declares the person as bankrupt and the trustee will distribute the remaining assets among the creditors.