Telescopic Flag Pole Consoles

Use the SeaSense high quality telescopic flag pole with your favorite patriotic colors to support US flag or State Department. It is perfect for all seasons, not only for flag poles. The SeaSense line is made of high quality materials that are UV resistant up to a 2 hours exterior exposure. You can count on many years of rugged service because it is made to withstand the salt air and corrosive atmosphere outdoors.

Show your spirit to the world with the assistance of the SeaSense 24″ telescopic flag pole to 48″ telescopic flagpoles. It allows you to display various flags from both two-sided flagpole stern light bases with quick release rod. This adjustable flagpole is suitable for national, nautical and even diving markers on your boat. Its stainless steel construction ensures that your poles are rust free. It uses rugged galvanized spring loaded release rod that is easily attached or detachable. When the wind blows, you can adjust the flags with smooth and controlled motion from above.Visit the page for more details.

There are several features of this telescoping flagpoles and poles and you should check them before ordering. Features like compass rose, stainless steel pole, rain-resistant fabric, weather resistant steel anchor and clip hook are among the many features of SeaSense pole and flagpole kits. The SeaSense Adjustable SeaStrip is especially designed for light towers. It is manufactured of heavy duty galvanized aluminum. Other accessories of this pole and banner kit are embroidered stainless steel hardware, nylon bunting, nylon overlap backing, and fiberglass strand hooks.