The Upside Of Insurance Agents

An insurance agent is an independent professional who either sells or negotiates insurance policies on behalf of an insured customer for compensation from the insurer. It is a legal requirement for agents to hold a license to sell insurance and to have completed a six month course in insurance. There are many types of agents including property, casualty, disability, critical health, automobile, renters and life. It is important that agents keep themselves abreast of changes in the insurance laws to stay in compliance. Interested readers can find more information about them at Miller Hanover Insurance

Agents receive commissions when policies are sold. The brokers represent insurance companies but are not licensed to sell policies themselves. Instead they are responsible for collecting premiums from customers, sending claims, filing claims and fulfilling other duties related to client transactions. Some brokers sell directly to customers while others are called brokers.

Insurance brokers work with their clients to sell insurance policies to them. They collect premiums and pay claims from clients. They make sure clients’ property, life and automobile policies are paid. It is the responsibility of agents to provide all information to clients so that they may make informed decisions on whether to buy or not. Brokers help secure payments from insurers by acting as intermediaries or third-party representatives.