Ultimate Guide To Concord Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are a great alternative to real wood in high-humidity or high-traffic locations. They are a wonderful choice for rental homes or situations where they will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear due to their durability. Despite the fact that imitation wood blinds are typically heavier and have fewer alternatives than wood blinds, their low cost and durability make them an excellent alternative in many situations. Plantation shutters and other custom blinds aren’t often made of solid wood.Learn more by visiting Concord Faux Wood Blinds

Traditional wood slats come in a wider range of sizes than faux wood slats. 2″ or 2 1/2″ PVC or PVC/wood pulp composite slats are commonly used as an alternative material. PVC blinds are hefty and tough to move around. PVC blinds are typically twice the weight of hardwood blinds. They don’t warp, but the added weight necessitates more ladders and threads to keep them in place. PVC and wood pulp are used in composite blinds to create a lighter tint that resists warping. Although these shades are heavier than hardwood blinds, they are exceptionally sturdy and resistant to humidity. Composite blinds, like PVC blinds, require greater support due to their increased weight. Thicker slats made of wood can impede the vision more than thinner slats made of wood.

Curved slats allow more light control in gloomy spaces, while flat slats have a more uniform appearance that closely resembles that of wood blinds. The cords that raise and lower the window covering are routed through holes in the slats of a typical blind. Even when the blinds are closed, these openings will allow a tiny amount of light to get through. With routless blinds, you can adjust the amount of light that enters your room. Faux wood blinds with no routs are a fresh take on venetian blinds. The cord is threaded through the edge of the slat in routless blinds to prevent light penetration. For the 2 1/2″ imitation wood blinds, cloth tapes are also available. When closed, these cloth tapes come in a variety of colours and block out all light. Faux wood cordless blinds have a sleek appearance.

Because fewer slats are required to build the blind, 2 1/2 ” slats allow a sharper vision than their 2″ counterparts. When the blind is raised up, it is lighter and takes up less space because there are fewer slats. Because they blend the look of a bigger slat with the smaller footprint of a narrow blind, 2 inch slats are increasingly popular.

The cost of wood replacement blinds is another major selling feature. Faux wood is less expensive than real wood, and it will not warp or break when exposed to extremes in temperature or moisture. These blinds do not come in the bewildering assortment of colours and sizes that actual blinds do because of their second-rate reputation in the minds of consumers.